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"Hi Ria,


Little Bear is settling in really well. I’ve got to say he is an absolutely beautiful blue. 

All the credit goes to you with how he is. Totally trained with the litter tray with no accidents which is such an amazing thing being so young. When he got home the first thing he did was use it. We were a little tentative letting him on our sofa at first which is quite expensive but he’s so relaxed with no scratching or biting. He even slept on it all last night. However, show him the scratching post and he goes crazy Steph bought him a bigger one today with a couple of levels and a tunnel!!!

He’s got such a kind nature about him and everyday he’s coming out of his shell that little bit more. We’re gutted we didn’t get two so maybe if one of the others don’t work out we’d defiantly take one!!!

We feel so attached to him already.

The reason we went with you is because of Luna, Bear and yourself. Having come from a family who used to breed British blues I was dazzled by Luna's eyes. Like our female who had deep orange eyes too she produced lovely kittens and it was meant to be. Then......I saw Bear, what an absolute beut. Those big paws, full face and stocky legs, everything you want to see in a stud. No surprise they’ve produced our amazing Bear Jr.

But to top it off was the talk we had on the phone. It’s obvious you don’t want just anyone to have your kittens and that’s great to see.

Thanks again Ria for our amazing little Bear we’ll keep sending you pictures. He’s a credit to you and your family.


All the best


James and Steph


Great website too!"

James C, Cheshire. May 2018




Last July, we lost out beautiful grey, twenty year old cat, Tinky. Our home was not the same anymore.  After months of pondering and looking at Blue British Shorthair kittens on the Internet, we finally contacted various breeders for details on availability, etc., only to discover that it was not going to be that simple!  Most kittens were either already spoken for or didn’t meet our expectations! One breeder, from a town not too far away, advertised a beautiful litter of kittens in a wicker basket but when we emailed her, she replied that she wanted payment up front and that the kittens would be delivered by courier!  Horrendous!


However, we were drawn back every time to RIAHILFI website although the breeder was some four hours away from us in North West Wales!  The kittens were due round about the end of February, and bang on time, they arrived on the 1st March, St David’s day!  (Yes! One of us is Welsh!) Two boys and two girls! We wanted one of each!  Great excitement! Mrs Ria Hilfi very kindly invited us to go and choose our kittens when they were a few weeks old  and advised us on their progress with photos and texts all the way through to collecting them on May 26th.


The day that we collected them, Ria had prepared a folder each for Blue & Izzy, containing all the paperwork that we would need –      


 Breeder Registration Card

 Insurance cover

 Vaccination Record

 Kitten Guide

 Pedigree history

 Kitten diet sheet

 Contract of Sale

Together with a presentation box each containing a blanket, toys and kitten food.  The blanket was scented for their journey home in the car! She had thought of everything to keep her babies happy! There were a few tears as she waved them Goodbye! There was not a murmur all the way home!



Keith & Gwyneth B, Wales. June 2018 


"I want to say a massive Thank you to Ria for our wonderful bundle of joy Oscar who joined my family this week.


Contact from Ria right from the start has been fantastic even before the litter was born. Once the little ones had arrived I got a photo of them and arranged a suitable time when I could come and see them, and make the difficult choice of which one to bring home (they are all so beautiful with gentle personalities).


The reason I chose one of Ria's litter is that all of her cats are part of her family and very well looked after.


When I picked Oscar up to come home, a little pack was prepared for us to make sure he was as settled as possible.


It has now been 5 days since he came home and he is full of energy, follows me everywhere and certainly has a good appetite on him!


Thank you again! I will be sure to keep you posted of pictures of Oscar growing up!"

Sue W, Rotherham. November 2018


"Thank you so much Ria for making our little family complete.


We brought Daisy to our home and she has been a joy to have as part of our family.


Daisy has been such a good little girl that we decided to go ahead with a second addition from Ria.


Our fluffy boy Duke came home with us this weekend and is a credit to the work Ria puts into all her litters.


Duke is a BLH BLUE from the same parents as Daisy and has a fantastic coat and personality.


We look forward to our fur babies growing up and becoming firm friends."

Emma W, Hull. November 2018

"Picked up my beautiful British Longhair from Ria on Saturday. She came with a folder of information and all the necessary paperwork, as well as 4 weeks free insurance and a hamper of toys, food and a blanket with mums scent on.

Angel has settled in really well and has already made herself at home.

She is a purr machine! She is very sociable and affectionate and follows me everywhere.

Well done Ria for all your hard work and getting the right temperament in your kittens. I highly recommend Ria to anyone thinking about buying a British Long/Shorthair."

Carole M, Etton. November 2018


"I have been following Ria Hilfi's page for a long time, based on past history it was very important for us that our kitten had the best start to life as that sets them up for their future and we can tell that Bluebell has certainly had that.


She was very much part of Ria's family and she is now a massive part of our family, the children adore her and vice versa. She is one very happy, playful and loving little kitten. We did worry about her coming into a house already with 2 cats, but I can say it’s clear that she has had enough confidence to help her settle in amazingly well.


Ria sent us weekly updates on Bluebell and as a family we couldn’t wait to receive these updates, the communication was fantastic. I cannot thank Ria enough and if I ever was to expand I would 100% go back to Ria.

Thank you so much for our much wanted kitten. Xx"

Katie S, Birstall. November 2018


"We have recently introduced beautiful Rocky into our family. It was really important to us to go to a top quality breeder and Ria is certainly that and went above and beyond throughout the whole process.


We love him to pieces and he is a real character.

Never a dull moment"

Holly C, Hertfordshire. December 2018



"Firstly I have to congratulate you on having the best looking cat I have ever seen in Bear!! 

We have been in touch since Feb 2018 and I’ve been following everyone’s stories on the Facebook group since then and you’ve made so many people so happy. We are so pleased to be fortunate enough to have one of your beautiful kittens. 

I’ve always wanted a British Blue Shorthair and having looked into all the local breeders, the first thing I noticed about Ria is how lovingly she talks about the cats and kittens. They truly are part of her family and she won’t let them go to just anyone! 

It took one email only to convince me to wait till November for our fur baby. Ria told me everything we needed to know as first time kitten owners and kept in touch throughout the year! 

It’s seemed like an eternity waiting but on the 28th August our little bundle of fur joy arrived and we decided to call him Loki. 

We got regular updates and it was hardest decision to try and choose which to take. Now that he’s home, what can I say. Except he’s purrrfect! He’s a perfect mix of cheeky and adorable. He’s settled in so well, no accidents, no stress and is now king of the house! He’s been great with visitors and children. Total credit on you and your family on how well adjusted he is! 

The support she’s shown throughout has been invaluable. It’s all been so easy and We are so in love that we are already have plans to get another next year... we even have a name! 

I encourage anyone that is looking for a British Blue Shorthair to stop looking and contact Ria. 

Love always 

Ben, Laura, Lola & Loki ️️"

Laura E, Bradford. December 2018


"We were on the look out for a pair of healthy, happy British blues with an excellent pedigree and from a caring breeder who had given them the best start in life. After some considerable searching, we were delighted to find Ria and meet her beautiful cats and recent litter. Ria gives her kittens an exemplary upbringing in her own family home. As such our boy and girl British blues were very well socialised, used to household life, and were impeccably litter trained all before we even took them home at 13.5 weeks old. Five months on from birth they are now growing up fast into strong, confident, beautiful, and highly personable young cats! Thank you Ria for all your hard work raising them (and Bear and Luna too of course!)."


Anon., Southern England. January 2018

"After months of researching BSH's and wanting a reputable breeder, I found the website for Ria. I was so impressed by the detail, the recommendations and the gallery of gorgeous babies that I felt sure (if I was lucky enough to get one), then it would be one of Ria's babies I wanted.


I went to meet Betty-Blue and saw her in her lovely family environment - playing with a sibling, and with her mum and 2 other queens, and her dad present also (and Bear really is impressive!). I decided then that I really wanted this baby and seeing her environment made me feel sure she was from a loving family home.


Since getting Betty, she has bloomed into a gorgeous, talkative, intelligent, fun and loving little girl and I can't believe how much she has changed my world. Ria has given fantastic support when I've had any questions and kindly gives loads of information, and history and a gift pack with food and toys etc to get us started...


I am so pleased I chose one of Ria's babies, and would totally recommend her as her knowledge, professionalism and advice is second to none. 


Look forward to following Ria's ladies in the months to come, and to see more gorgeous babies come along..."

Tracey D, Wakefield. February 2019


"I had always wanted a British Blue and after losing my BSH Jessy at the age of 17 I decided to do some research. I came across Ria’s website as she lived in my area and I wanted to use a registered breeder. After chatting online I was more than happy and asked to be added to the waiting list for one of her kittens. It was only a matter of weeks and I got the call to say I was lucky enough to get one of Renesmee and Bear’s babies. Ria updated me weekly with photos and videos and was always willing to answer any questions along the way. I was invited to visit when the kittens turned 6 weeks of age to make the difficult decision of which boy I wanted. I chose Teddy and he came home with me at 13 weeks old. He has since settled in with no problems and me and my family cannot imagine life without him. Although I chose Ria as she was a local breeder I would be happy to travel across the UK for one of her beautiful kittens and her first class service." 

Kirsty H, Hull. August 2019

"Ria has given me my first kitten, Lulu, and I couldn't be happier. Lulu has been a big presence in the house since the first day she came home with me - she is playful, loves cuddles (on her terms!) and follows me everywhere. She has been brought up in a wonderful and loving environment from what I have seen when I went to visit her for the first time. I am grateful I found Ria and chose one of her kittens."


Emily G, Gateshead. August 2019

"You don’t just ‘buy’ a kitten from Ria, it’s the complete experience, right from that very first communication tentatively enquiring to see if you can be included on her waiting list until that day when the kitten finally becomes yours.

Ria is clearly a professional in everything she does and this shows in the care and dedication that she lavishes on her fur babies, in her home it’s obvious that the cats come first and this gives new owners the confidence that they are in great hands.

Buying a kitten is a two-way process and it was clear that Ria was as keen to understand our background as potential new owners as much as we were wanting to ask questions, it’s great to see this approach and shows just how much she cares that her kittens are going into the right forever homes.

Our kitten was in a litter of 5, so viewing was a busy time with three mothers, a newborn plus the ‘big daddy’, Bear, but despite this, Ria was happy to spend the time to answer our questions and to ensure that we were happy.

Our kitten, Gabriel, is now over 4 months old and has a lovely personality, I’m sure this is down to the great start in life with his extended family and Ria’s dedication. We are really looking forward to seeing our baby develop further and to the fun times ahead."


Steve & June T, South Tyneside. September 2019

"Ria, thank you so much for allowing Pickle to join our family. We shared with you some special needs we wanted Pickle to fulfill, we were looking for a very special companion for our autistic son who needed some support and friendship and Pickle has definitely been a great addition to all our lives. Thank you for your support with introducing them together, they are a perfect fit together. Your cats are wonderfully bred and make beautiful pets to fit in with the family. We are already planning when we can get away with having another addition to our family from your wonderful litters."


Becky P, Buckingham. December 2019

"Finding Ria’s website and getting in contact with her at the beginning of our search for 2 kittens was the best thing we could have done. We’re definitely not the first to say Ria is an extremely helpful, generous, knowledgeable and professional breeder but it’s the obvious love and pleasure she imparts which makes the process special and memorable. Our family now have 2 gorgeous growing kittens who give us endless delight as well as a great excuse to avoid chores and homework. They are calm, friendly, playful and loving as well as everyone’s favourite companion. We are reaping the rewards of Ria giving them a great start in life and cannot recommend her more highly. In fact adding a further 2 kittens to our family in the not too distant future is starting to make a lot of sense so we may well be putting ourselves on Ria’s waitlist once more. So if you’re looking for a well reared, gorgeous kitten who will add joy and sunshine to your life you are already on the right website. It’s certainly one of the best decisions we ever made!"



The Cross Family, London. April 2020


"We collected our British Longhair kitten Brian, from Ria two days ago and couldn't be happier with him. 


Having never had a pedigree cat before, we knew that it was important to find a breeder that we could trust. After contacting a shortlist of what we believed to be reputable breeders, it didn't take long for us to decide that we wanted a kitten from Ria Hilfi. 


We understood how important it is for a kitten to have the best start in life if it is to have a well rounded personality. We were offered kittens from another breeder straight away but it didn't feel right. Although we had to wait our turn on Ria's waiting list we just knew that it would be worth it in the end and we were confident that we would not only be getting a good example of the breed but just as importantly for us, we would be getting a kitten with a calm easy going temperament. We were not disappointed. 


Brian is already one of the family and has astounded us with how easily he is settling in. He is confident, calm and affectionate and is perfectly litter trained. When we get a second kitten we will not consider looking anywhere else.


Thanks again for everything Ria." 


The McDowell's, Brighouse. June 2020.

Milky Way

"It has been 6 weeks since we took Milky Way home with us and there has not been a dull moment with him around! He is an inquisitive and affectionate little bundle of energy who loves playing fetch as much as he does curling up on our laps for cuddles. He has bonded really well with us and our other kitten Andromeda, and they are now the cutest partners in crime.


We would highly recommend Ria as a breeder. We were part of the journey from the day he was born with regular updates, and she continues to be a valuable support as we raise our kitten. We cannot commend her enough for her helpfulness and professionalism, which goes far beyond this excellent website. She takes immaculate care to ensure that the new member of your family is in excellent physical health and well socialised, and she made sure that we had everything we needed to welcome him home. 


As we live in London we were a little hesitant about choosing a breeder so far away, but after getting to know Ria, there was no doubt that we had made the right decision. Ria clearly loves all her kittens as though she will keep them forever, and we will definitely stay in touch as Milky Way grows!"


Jacob and Faye, London. August 2020


"From our very initial contact, Ria has been amazing.  We were looking for another Lilac boy (after losing ours 6 months earlier). Ria put us on her waiting list but we weren’t expecting to hear back from her because she predominantly bred blues.


Harold was born on 1st April 2020 at the height of the Covid-19 pandemic. It was not possible to visit him but we received weekly updates, photos and little clips of him and his siblings (all part of Ria’s normal service and not just because of the pandemic). It’s absolutely wonderful that we were able to watch him grow and now cherish the photos from when he was two days old through to the day he came home.

Harold is now 19 weeks old and is a loving, confident and playful little boy. He is absolutely stunning and a perfect companion for our blue BSH who is 4 years old. Every morning we awake to him coming in for his early morning cuddle with loud purring – every new day is so exciting for him.

All the credit goes to Ria, her kittens are clearly lovingly raised in the family home and are very familiar with the normal household sights and sounds. We really cannot recommend Ria enough to anyone looking for a kitten and promise you will not be disappointed.”


Will and Sharron, Tring. August 2020


"Taco settled in almost immediately and we cannot thank Ria enough for allowing her to join us she is such a little character and a proper princess who is the perfect little addition to our family.

A close friend has a BSH and we fell in love with the breed immediately so finding a professional and reputable breeder was of the upmost importance to us and it didn’t take long for us to decide that we wanted a kitten from Ria. 

Once we had contacted Ria to be placed on a waiting list for a BSH Blue girl we eagerly awaiting any litter updates on Instagram or just admiring photos of her cats and their kittens, then we received a very exciting phone call that we were able to take one of her kittens.

We were instantly in love with Taco and we cannot speak highly enough of not only the care and effort that is clearly put into her kittens but also the care and attention that was afforded to us to be a part of Tacos first few weeks with the constant updates and videos of her progress. Thanks again for such a beautiful loving addition to our family."

James & Nicola, Northumberland. August 2020

Misty A and Arthur P

"We are incredibly fortunate to own not one but two adorable kittens - one girl and one boy- from Ria. We were first drawn to Ria by her fantastic website full of gorgeous looking cats and containing all the information you could ever want to know about BSH kittens and optimum recommendations!
After establishing contact with Ria we were swiftly convinced that the quality of the website was no accident and that she was unequivocally the breeder for us. Ria patiently answered all the questions we had and gave us lots of tips and guidance.
She kept us updated with news of pregnancies and when Misty Avalon was born she provided us with photos and videos on a weekly basis so that we could see her develop. She is a beautiful and charming kitten, thoroughly socialised, and amazingly well trained. We haven’t had a single ‘incident’ since she joined us, which is simply remarkable and a huge testament to Ria and her wonderful cats. Avalon used her litter tray from the word go. She has a special personality and hearing her purr when she is playing really is a magical experience.
Our little boy Arthur Pendragon joined us several weeks later and he too is an absolute delight in every respect, and so affectionate. We are thrilled with both of them. Ria’s after care has been exceptional as well as she has answered all the questions we have had about introducing the kittens to our puppy, spaying, feeding... We feel so fortunate to have met Ria and can also rest assured that she is there as a willing font of knowledge if we need to tap it. We would unreservedly recommend her to anyone considering bringing a BSH into their lives."

Maryam Moshiri (BBC News Presenter), London. December 2020


"We would like to thank Ria for making our first kitten experience a wonderful one. We loved the kitten updates in the run up to collection (highlight of the week in lockdown!) and little Ember has been an absolute pleasure. She was so well trained she never made any mess, and despite our expectations of the slightly reserved BSH breed, she is actually a big softie and a lap cat, which is testament to Ria's expertise. We would highly recommend contacting Ria for beautiful kittens with wonderful personalities."


Keri & Matt, Manchester. December 2020


"We have had our beautiful Tri - colour kitten Gigi for 3 weeks now. Gigi settled into our family home straight away, she used her litter tray, loves her food, she’s so loving and affectionate, playful and funny and she sleeps all night!  Gigi loves our kids and plays for hours with her toys and loves to sleep on top of anyone that sits down!!! 


Ria has done such a fantastic job with all her litters, from the very first contact with Ria she has been so professional, we had regular updates and Ria makes sure her kittens go to the best, loving, secure forever homes! We had videos and pictures of Gigi and beautiful mummy Aphrodite and her brothers and sisters, great advice on what we needed to prepare for Gigi’s arrival and on the day we collected her, a lovely personalised bag, with a beautiful blanket from Gigi’s mum and folder with all her vaccination and health information as well as feeding advice and her breeding history. We also received a fantastic complimentary welcome box from royal canine , containing Gigi’s food, and a blanket and discount voucher!!  


Ria is first and foremost a cat lover and breeds the most beautiful, healthy, social kittens, she really does do all her research to make sure her kittens go to only the best loving homes. 


We are so grateful that we were chosen for Gigi, she’s loved and adored by all our family and is truly the queen of our home!!! 

Our only regret is that we didn’t take two kittens, but we are now hoping to be privileged enough to bring home another of Ria’s kittens later in the year!!! 


Thanks so much to Ria again !!!" 

Natalie M, Aberdeen. March 2021


"George has been with me for 3 weeks now and he is an absolute joy. From day one he has used his litter tray and he settled in so well and so quickly. All credit to Ria for raising her kittens in such a happy,

 home environment, which shines through in their loving personalities. The weekly updates Ria sends are brilliant and she captured the characters of the kittens in the videos and her messages which confirmed that George was a confident kitten and the leader of the gang - and he certainly is!

George is a typical energetic, playful kitten, exploring all the time, but also so loving. Whilst I read that BSH cats might not be lapcats, George loves nothing more than lying across me, cuddling and purring. He follows me round everywhere and even happily sleeps on my laptop when I’m working.

Thank you so much Ria"


Ben D, Liverpool. March 2021

Venus & Teddie

"The whole process has been a pleasure.

I initially found ria through the Facebook group and the well maintained page. 


Ria has been fantastic from the onset, easy of communication and supporting to get the cats ready and to my new home.


The cats are clearly from a loving home, as this has show with the confidence of the cats and temperament in their new surroundings. 


I took both a boy and girl from the litter, which was a wise choice as they can't be separate s for more than one minute being best friends...


They have fully settled in now and have become a proud part of my house. I can't thank ria enough for everything." 

Jon P, Stockport. April 2021


"Our beautiful new addition to the family, Billy.. he is everyone’s favourite!
So, so glad we went with Ria. He is an absolute credit to the breeding and raising. From the minute we were lucky to be selected we have had updates and on hand advice. He came from pure love -it shows. A huge thank you to Ria and the family.
Our first ever pet and he is just amazing.


Iram S, Birmingham. April 2021

Teddy and Freddie hands 2.JPG

"We were fortunate to find Ria through her excellent and informative website, which was only enhanced by the high regard she is held in by previous customers.

We could not believe our luck when we were chosen to receive one of her kittens, Teddy–Campbell.

Ria’s regular videos and pictures reassured us that we had done the right thing. We looked forward to her weekly updates and were able to watch Teddy flourish and grow.

Ria’s confidence and knowledge really does make the process owning one of her kittens simple and straight forward, which for us, only heightened the eagerness and excitement when it came to collect Teddy.

During the many conversations we had with Ria, we expressed an interest in having a ‘buddy’ for Teddy, and were delighted to be offered the opportunity of owning a British Long-haired girl Freddie-Campbell!

Teddy and Freddie are now inseparable.

Ria, your cats are a massive credit to you, and like everyone else on this page, thank you for breeding and rearing such wonderful cats." 

Craig & Eileen W, Essex. May 2021