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I was born and raised in the U.K amongst a family of animal lovers where I grew up with many different varieties of pets. We also bred various small animals (Hamsters, Rabbits, Guinea Pigs) for the local pet shop. We would also often volunteer to help raise abandoned puppies and kittens, which turned into the adult me, and my mum, breeding the occasional litter of Cockapoos. 

Animals are clearly my passion, to the point I would drive many miles to rescue any animal in need, so pets have always been in my life and I cannot see myself never having one.

As much as I love moggies I always wanted a pedigree cat. A British Shorthair in particular. I did lots of research, started visiting shows and talking with breeders. Luckily my husband and daughter love cats too so they didn't mind when the house started filling up with them, and now I am fortunate that they willingly get involved in the care and upbringing of my clowder and kittens.


Although breeding can be very rewarding it does come with many challenges and is often emotionally draining. That being said I love the process, witnessing the birth and development of the beautiful babies that I've helped bring into this world, finding the best possible homes for them, and seeing how happy I've made their new families when it comes to collection day.


My heart and soul goes into the care of my cats from day one, in the hope of producing the best possible next generations.  

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