At present I have six Queens and one closed Stud who are all GCCF and/or TICA Registered Active. I am very proud to say all my cats are PKD (Polycystic kidney disease) normal/clear, and ALPS (British Shorthair Autoimmune Lymphoproliferative Syndrome) normal/clear (lab tested)

All my babies are a part of the family, and live indoors roaming where they wish. They are not kept in cages, nor are they left to defend for themselves outside. This is the case for my Bear too. I am very lucky that my boy does not spray, and therefore he can be kept indoor with the family.

Anyone looking to give a home to any of their offspring I expect nothing less. Only the best will do for my fur babies.


Bear by name, Bear by nature. He is my very handsome boy whom I'm very proud to own. His father is a German import and his mother was imported from Ukraine, both of which have stunning pedigrees with many Champions, Grand, European, and International Champions.

When he came to us he was already named and registered as 'Charliee', but we gave him 'Bear' as his pet name. Bear is definitely my boy; wherever I am he's there by my side. He is a real chunky charmer and has produced stunning kittens! I couldn't wish for a better stud. 

When he took part in his first show (July 2018) he was the Best in Breed Class Winner! He also gained his first CC, so is well on his way to becoming a Champion himself!


Luna has the most beautiful, huge, round, orange eyes. She is a carrier of the Longhair gene so we sometimes have a nice surprise of one or two British Longhair kittens in her litter. These Longhair kittens are a breed in their own right which are recognised and registered as such with the GCCF.

We chose her name because Luna is another word for moon in which her colour resembles. She is a fantastic mum to her litter, and you also often see her getting involved by feeding and looking after other litters too.


Aphrodite (the Goddess of Love) is my beautiful wildcard. I specialise in blues but I wanted to mix things up a bit and offer something a bit different. She is a Blue Tortie with White (her markings known as a Harlequin), still of course a British Shorthair, Registered with TICA and has a fantastic pedigree with Champion Polish imported bloodlines.

What a character she is! Full of confidence, and is into everything. She doesn't miss a trick. 

After a good play she loves nothing more than to cuddle up next to you.

Aphrodite is also a carrier of the Longhair gene.

Lady Godiva

Lady Godiva

After a very successful trial with Aphrodite, and her litter proven to be popular, we decided to go for another colourful Queen. Therefore this beauty is our latest addition to the family.


The difference being, she is a Chocolate (not blue) Tortie with White British Shorthair. I chose the name Lady Godiva for her chocolate colourings.

She is another one with fantastic bloodlines. Her father is a Champion and her mother, also mother to Aphrodite, a QGC.

Fingers crossed that she is as successful as her older half sister.

Baby Yoda

Baby Yoda

Baby Yoda is my homebred British Longhair girl who we decided to keep and named by my daughter.


When the time is right for her she will be matched with a suitable stud, as she obviously cannot be mated with Bear (being her father).

At the moment, she is enjoying being a very playful, cheeky, mischievous, and affectionate kitten.

She is dual registered with GCCF & TICA, and of course share Bear's and Tiana's fabulous bloodlines. 


Tiana (Registered with GCCF as Sophie) joined us Christmas 2019, and is a Russian girl from fantastic bloodlines. She is a carrier of Chocolate, Cinnamon, and the Longhair gene.

Her name, Tiana, is Russian meaning Princess and she is just that.

She is a confident and extremely loving, cuddly girl who loves sitting and laying on your lap for extra attention.




This beauty is Champion sired with Polish bloodlines hence the spelling of her name, which in Polish is the modern version of Sofia. 

Zosia has settled in our home amazingly and is so loving! She loves nothing more than to sit on my shoulder for a nap, after walking around my head a dozen times purring and rubbing herself on my face. 

I'm looking forward to watching her grow, and producing fabulous future litters with Bear.