All my cats are GCCF and/or TICA Registered Active and I am very proud to say they are all PKD (Polycystic kidney disease) normal/clear, and ALPS (British Shorthair Autoimmune Lymphoproliferative Syndrome) normal/clear (lab tested)

All my babies are a part of the family, and live indoors roaming where they wish. They are not kept in cages, nor are they left to defend for themselves outside. This is the case for my Bear too. I am very lucky that my boy does not spray, and therefore he can be kept indoor with the family.

Anyone looking to give a home to any of their offspring I expect nothing less. Only the best will do for my fur babies.


Bear by name, Bear by nature. He is my very handsome boy whom I'm very proud to own. His father is a German import and his mother was imported from Ukraine, both of which have stunning pedigrees with many Champions, Grand, European, and International Champions.

When he came to us he was already named and registered as 'Charliee', but we gave him 'Bear' as his pet name. Bear is definitely my boy; wherever I am he's there by my side. He is a real chunky charmer and has produced stunning kittens! I couldn't wish for a better stud. 

When he took part in his first show (July 2018) he was the Best in Breed Class Winner! He also gained his first CC, so is well on his way to becoming a Champion himself!



Tiana (Registered with GCCF as Sophie) is a Russian girl from fantastic bloodlines. She is a carrier of Chocolate, Cinnamon, and the Longhair gene.

Her name is Russian meaning Princess and she is just that.

She is a confident, loving, cuddly girl who loves sitting and laying on your lap for extra attention. She's proven herself to be a great mum and produces fabulous kittens.


She is now spayed and will enjoy her retired life after her litter leave us. 



This beauty is Champion sired with Polish bloodlines hence the spelling of her name, which in Polish is the modern version of Sofia. 

Zosia is a big chunky girl and is so loving! She loves nothing more than to sit up close on your chest for a cuddle and scratch around the ears.

Having had a caesarean section for her second litter, Zosia is now spayed and will enjoy retirement with a son from her first litter.




Nevaeh (Heaven spelt backwards) is our newest addition. She is a lilac British Shorthair with huge round eyes, as is registered with TICA, however I plan to register her with GCCF also.

She has settled right in and has become a valued member of the house. She has a lovely personality with just the right amount of sass.

I'm looking forward to future kittens from her (fingers crossed).



At the time I was not planning on any more girls joining us, but a friend of mine showed me Bella and I fell in love. I just had to have her.

She's extremley affectionate, to the point I'm tempted to nickname her boomerang :-)

Bella joined us at eight months old, yet it didnt take long for her to be introduced and settled in with my clowder. She's an all round gorgeous chunky girl and I'm hopeful for a great future with her.