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All my cats are GCCF and/or TICA Registered Active and I am very proud to say they are all PKD (Polycystic kidney disease) normal/clear (lab tested).

All my babies are a part of the family, and live indoors roaming where they wish. They are not kept in cages, nor are they left to defend for themselves outside.

Anyone looking to give a home to any of their offspring I expect nothing less. Only the best will do for my fur babies.

An adult british shorthair male cat.


Bear by name, Bear by nature. He is my very handsome boy whom I'm very proud to own. His father is a German import and his mother was imported from Ukraine, both of which have stunning pedigrees with many Champions, Grand, European, and International Champions.

When he came to us he was already named and registered as 'Charliee', but we gave him 'Bear' as his pet name. Bear is definitely my boy; wherever I am he's there by my side. He is a real chunky charmer and has produced stunning kittens! I couldn't wish for a better stud. 

When he took part in his first show (July 2018) he was the Best in Breed Class Winner! He also gained his first CC, so was well on his way to becoming a Champion himself! However he soon bored of the show bench and it didn't seem fair carrying on when he clearly wasn't enjoying it.

Update: Bear is now retired but will remain with me and continue being the king of his castle.

An adult british shorthair male cat.


Caesar is my new stud boy who will now be the sire for all future kittens, unless otherwise stated.

He is a Champion with GCCF and is already a mature proven stud who sires amazing kittens. 

He is so kind natured, loves to chat away and always greets me with a head bump.


I am so thankful to his breeder for allowing him to join us and I look forward to a great future with him.

An adult british shorthair female black and white cat.


This lovable clown I couldn't say no to when I saw her. She's a gorgeous chunky Black Bi British Shorthair who is Angela's half sister. 

I changed her name to Wednesday (from Adams Family) after a doing a poll on my social media groups. She has such a lovely personality and will happily lay in your arms like a baby. However she won't allow me to clean up without chasing the brush.


She already made her debut at the shows winning 2 Breed class 1st, two Best of Breeds, and gained 2 cc's. One more needed to be champion titled.

I am excited to hopefully get some stunning black panthers from her.

An adult british shorthair female blue cat.


Elora is actually auntie to Bella and was not planned either, but she caught my eye when I were visiting a breeder friend.

She has a lovely light blue coat, and I can see she has potentially good mothering skills as she takes our new additions under her wing and babies them.


She is very playful and funnily cheeky. She also loves to curl up close next to you for a nap, or perches herself on top of you to make sure she doesn't miss out on any affection. 

Elora gets on well with all other cats and kittens, new and old, and has been a delightful addition.

An adult british shorthair female blue cat.


This beauty came all the way from Northern Ireland, and what a delight she is.


I chose the name Aviva, which means springtime, seen as she was born in the spring.

I took her to her first show (27th August 22) and given she was not quite 15 weeks old she took on the kitten class and won Breed Class First, and Best of Breed. She was an absolute delight and loved every minute of the attention. I took her to her second show (November 22) and again took on an even larger kitten class with great standards. She came first place once again. 

An adult british shorthair female blue and white cat.


Angela is our latest girl who came to join us from Dublin, Ireland at 6 months of age (already named).


She is a Blue and White, Bi British Shorthair with a stocky body and huge potential. 

She had already made her debut at a GCCFi double show winning Breed Class First, Best of Breed, and Best of Variety in both shows.

Angela is so affectionate, loves giving head bumps and is another delightful and promising addition to our household. 



Nevaeh (Heaven spelt backwards) is a lilac British Shorthair with lovely round eyes. She is registered with both TICA and GCCF.

Nevaeh is the more petite of my girls and has a lovely personality with just the right amount of sass. She has proved herself to be a great mum 

when she become a first time mother to Bear's last ever litter so it was a bittersweet moment.

She did a fantastic job and their kittens were beauties.

An adult british shorthair female blue cat.


At the time I was not planning on any more girls joining us, but a friend of mine showed me Bella and I fell in love. I just had to have her.

She's extremley affectionate, to the point I'm tempted to nickname her boomerang :-)

Bella is Grand Champion sired and joined us at eight months old therefore she was already named. With her laid back personality it didn't take long for her to be introduced and settled in with my clowder. She's an all round gorgeous chunky girl that lets you do anything you like and gets on well with the whole 2 and 4 legged family. She has since made her way up the pecking order and is now head girl.

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